War with the Trees

by Michele

I've had two dreams the past two weeks, where the 2nd dream seems to be be an extension to the first.

In it I'm with my family - not my real family, but individuals I don't know in real life. Seems like a small family - 4 or 5 members and I'm either a mother figure or older sibling.

In the first dream we were living in a place - an unknown place to me in my waking life. But there were all these ominous trees that would try to kill us. We had to battle - find ways to defeat the trees - weird liquids, or burning them or going into some sort of "portal" (only way I can describe it) to fight them. It seemed to only occur in certain situations, like if it was wet or raining outside the trees were like normal trees but if it were dark and dry, they would rise up somehow. They also seemed to have power over other people who would become like demons or minions to aid the trees in the fight. It felt evil but not, if that makes sense.

In the 2nd dream I feel like I was with a similar sized family but not the same family and again as a mother figure or older sibling and as I say it was like an extension to the first dream which I had more than 1 week before the 2nd. By extension I mean in this 2nd version, we had moved to a new house and town - as though we had won the first battle and thought it was over but now the trees had somehow found us again and we had to fight them again. In the 2nd dream they would only fight when it wasn't raining. Weird. Anyway, we had a harder time defeating them and the people they "infected". I don't remember the ending of the first dream but the 2nd dream ended when my little "sister" or "daugther" found a special car that we could get into to go fight the trees, and then the dream was just over - I woke up as we got into the car and started to head to battle, but I wake up feeling strange and as though I've been through something evil, but again not (I can't really explain that duality of you will).

I've seen other interpretations where people think trees are killing them or members of their family and it meant they suspected something wrong with one of their family members in their waking life. Nothing has occured in my waking life in the past several weeks that I can think of that would seem to suggest any problems or issues I might be facing. My family is very close, we all get along and love and support each other a great deal. My work life is solid and I have a great group of friends.

Would love to have your take on this. Thanks!!

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by: John

Just wondering what your upbringing was like?

Response to question about my upbringing
by: Anonymous

Hi John.

My parents divorced when I was about 6. While my father never really provided for us, and we didn't always have the best of everything, I've never really characterized my childhood as a bad one. We had a stable home once my parents were divorced, and certainly there were difficult times - I have 6 siblings (4 older brothers & 2 younger sisters) - but my mom always provided for us.

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