What Does My Dream Mean

by Justin
(New jersey)

Ok I was in my backyard and there was a crappy grassy basketball court and the NBA championship was there but as we were watching it in my dream at the same time on TV it looked like a professional court... Then I was with this girl that I haven't spoken to since 6th grade and i was sitting down holding her hips as she was standing up facing me and i remember her asking me questions about a new soccer coach idk I dont play soccer she does then she mentioned joinin the wresting team... And I was like lol?? Then Idk it cutts off there I don't remember any more I do play basketball but I really wanna know what this dream could mean she's really cute

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by: John

I believe this dream is about self-perception and maybe feeling you wish you had more confidence or better looks etc.
This, to me, is reiterrated in the basketball court seemingly appearing as crappy but on TV as professional. It is also evident in the fact the girl is standing over you and suggesting you engage in activities that she wants you to engage in that might make you more appealing to her.
In all, the dream is about developing acceptance of self and freeing yourself of the constraints that keep your confidence 'in check'. Break free.

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