Why Do People Dream?

You wake up hot and sweaty. You have spent the night fighting a dragon. Wow! Why do people dream? What is the meaning behind dreams?

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Why do we Dream?

Dreams are fascinating! Sigmund Freud famously said that dreams are the royal road to the unconscious. Dreaming is the key to understanding the information that is stored deep in the conscious and subconscious - information about our thoughts, feelings, aspirations and relationships that is often overlooked in everyday life.

More often than not, dreams reflect what is currently happening in your waking life. For example, even if you feel that your life is great, you may have subconscious anxieties and fears that you're not even aware of. If you suppress your fears, they can surface in dreams, often as nightmares.

Most of us expend a lot of mental and emotional energy processing what happens in everyday life, including how we feel about our current relationships, whether with family, friends, lovers, partners, colleagues or associates. This process often continues while we're asleep. You can find wonderful examples of this on our discussion board. It might be that there is something important you're not seeing about a relationship that your higher self is trying to warn you about, or sometimes a dream is about finding closure or resolution.

Dreams are often about issues in the past that haven't been resolved. You may take a dream-stroll through memory lane to try and put things right.

If you've been struggling with a dilemma and can't see the way clear, dreams may show you a way to resolve the problem that you may never have thought of consciously. For example, you may be in conflict about what you think you should be doing as opposed to what you're actually doing. Your dreams can offer clarity and suggest what the right path is to take.

If you feel unfulfilled in any aspect of your life, your dreams will alert you to it by serving as a wish-fulfillment mechanism. These dreams are wonderful reminders of what we're capable of if we reach our full potential or manifest our deepest desires.

And then, who knows, some dreams may just be an illogical, playful journey through the psyche. Sometimes we're just not meant to decipher a dream and its best to leave it alone to work itself out in time.

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